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Google Lunar X PRIZE team statistics

the clock is tickingProspective teams have the chance to finish their application to the GLXP competition by the end of the year. While Puli Space is still collecting the USD 50 000 entry fee (and we’re nearly done), the X PRIZE foundation has released some statistics detailing the entry process of all applicants.

The newest team submitted their Letter of Intent (LoI) only a few days ago, on the 14th of December, thus obtaining team number 30 (Puli is 28). But will Pomerantz later mentioned on his twitter feed, that even number 31 is taken.

On the GLXP homepage however there are only 24 fully registered teams listed, (20 current and 4 resigned), so how did we get to 31?

The numbering is not as easy as it seems. If a team successfully submits its Letter of Intent and that gets accepted by the X PRIZE Foundation, the team gets assigned a number, which increases by one for each new team. Then the team has 90 days to complete full registration. However if a group resigns or merges with a fellow competitor, the numbering changes. Moreover, if a team fails to complete registration after 90 days, they may end up with a higher number than the original. The numbering in the end has no crucial function: it only establishes the order in which the teams get presented on the cometition homepage.

So far there are 21 active registered teams – one of which has not yet been annouced – and nine teams with a LoI – one of these is the Puli. There are also seven teams that have cancelled or merged with others. Three of these however are not listed on the homepage, so what happened to them? One resigned before even being announced, one merged into another and the third one has some legal matter to clean up before using its original team name on the site.

For us the most interesting thing is the rate of completion for LoI submittants. 31 groups in total have sent in a Letter of Intent from all around the globe (we are the only entrant from Hungary). 17 of which have successfully entered the competition, 5 resigned and nine are still in the process of finishing.

Not counting the nine remaining prospective entrants, the converation rate to full registry was around 77%. Based on that, 7 out of the 9 teams could complete registration, provided that no new entries are handed in (quite likely at this point). The Puli team is working full speed on the big finish, and is still accepting donations and supporters.

So now would be the perfect time to join our Small Step Club, or support us by building our Launchpad.

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Last Updated (Sunday, 19 December 2010 22:37)

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