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It's official: Team Puli Space has entered the GLXP competition

Team Puli Official GXLP ContenderAfter a month of waiting we are now proud to announce that team Puli Space is an official Google Lunar X Prize contestant. By successfully gathering the required 50 000USD entry fee purely from private and corporate offerings, fulfilling all entry criteria set by the X PRIZE foundation, and signing the Master Team Agreement we are now a team planning to set foot on the Moon within the next few years. And we are really happy about that!

Since our founders first sat together last May, we have gone a long way: in a matter of months Puli Space gathered volunteering professionals from various walks of life. We have established a functioning structure, dealt with legal matters and are currently in the process of preparing a detailed mission plan and designing and building the necessary equipment. With more than 40 contributors to date, backed by nearly 500 individual donators, thousands of fans and various supporting companies we have grown to be an organization that takes the GLXP challenge seriously, and is developing the capability to handle it.

This milestone has been reached after months of hard work, but it was only possible with the help of our supporters: we would like this success to be shared with all members of our Small Step Club, the Puli Launchpad Community, our corporate sponsors, media and cooperation partners and the many others who helped along the way. However, we have just got to the starting line of the racetrack, and even though we are taking a running start we still need all the help we can get: if you think you can help, join us. If you can afford it, donate to us. And if you just like the whole idea, then tell others and us about it. Inspiring comments are the greatest motivation for our team!

From now on you can also find us on the GLXP homepage. Also feel free to check out the X Prize announcement and our press release  (coming soon) on our successful registration. Stay with us, as soon we will introduce some of our rover concepts to the public too!

Last Updated (Saturday, 19 February 2011 00:26)

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