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Field test #3: indoor imitation

Wind and snow. Two components of harsh weather you encounter during the winter in Hungary but really won't expect it on the Moon. But this was our last opportunity for a field test before shipping the Iteration 2 rover to Innsbruck for the MARS2013 dress rehearsal, so we had no time to waste. After some brainstorming and a few phone calls, the team came up with a solution: the indoor Sand Arena at the sport complex of Építők SC (the name, Builders, refers to  the Sports Club of to the Union of Building-industry Workers). The arena is normally used for things like beach volleyball training, so our inquiry to test a Moon rover there was truly out of the ordinary - but thankfully they let our rover in happily.

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One ESA lunar mission shelved, another is developing (sort of)

Bad news for the fans of lunar exploration: last week, the ESA ministerial council decided to not to allocate further funding for the Lunar Lander, giving higher priorities for other areas, like the ExoMars mission. Not all hope is lost though: DLR, the German space agency vowed to continue the work on the project and is looking for partners, but even if they succeed, the mission will slip into the 2020s. In the mean time, however, a more radical proposal is making its way to the leaders of the agency: let's smash a giant space telescope into the Moon!

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Field test #2: get more traction

Last week, we took out our latest rover for a second outdoor field test. The current Iteration 2 design is taking part in a month-long Mars simulation experiment next year, and has to pass various tests before the mission starts. This time I2 had to tackle steep, sandy hillsides by using its improved wheel design.

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Putting the Puli rover to the test

The team is working hard on our first test rover, the not-so-catchy named Iteration 2, to mature the mechanical, electrical and software design. After a few indoor tests and public appearances – including the “Brigde of the Future” and “Researchers' Night” events –, the rover was delivered to the former bauxite mine at Gánt. The site now serves as a museum and a geological park, and was used in the Hunveyor educational space probe experiments as an analogue to Mars, so it was a good candidate for field tests. For the first test run, we picked a hardpan covered with gravel and some sand.

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Help get new eyes for the Puli

Puli_AugeTeam Puli Space launches a fundraising campaign for getting the remaining  special cameras for the shiny new I2 rover. Targeted at our german speaking fans, every cent helps, so get on over to the fundraising page, and help us make this happen:


Development of our new I2 rover is in full swing. Our engineers and software developers are working round the clock to finish the current design, as challenging field tests are scheduled to take place in October, and early next year I2 even has to tackle the Moroccan desert. The project is proceeding as planned, except for one thing: the eyes. The team needs your help to obtain several more special cameras with which the rover will analyze its surroundings and plan its own route. We have started a fundraising campaign aimed at the German speaking audience to collect the required 3 000 USD, so if you think our mission is worth it, then now is the time to donate. Every cent helps! Follow the link above for more details.

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