Puli Space supports RADNEXT

  • Dávid Lucsányi
  • -   19 June 2020
Puli Space Technologies became an official supporter to the project proposal RADNEXT (“RADiation facility Network for the EXploration of effects for indusTry and research”), responding to a H2020 call and coordinated by CERN.

At Puli Space Technologies, we are developing a low-cost lunar payload and a lightweight lunar rover, which we intend to send to the Moon. Since our electronics will be affected by the short-term effects of the lunar radiation environment, we need to perform radiation effect analysis, as well as test our onboard electronics and all implemented mitigation techniques at irradiation facilities to make sure the whole system works even in the harsh lunar environment. Being a part of and contributing to the wider radiation effects community, especially the nascent RADNEXT network are essential for our company.

At Puli Space Technologies, we strongly believe that RADNEXT would greatly increase the efficiency of irradiation testing and optimize the access to irradiation facilities across Europe. The whole radiation effects community, including European Space industry could benefit from a novel, standardized system-level testing methodology. Access to irradiation facilities for New Space SMEs like Puli Space, is essential and often difficult, but RADNEXT would strongly support SMEs, opening many new opportunities to test and validate electronics for space missions.

For more details about the network, visit the RADNEXT website!